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Tanzanian songbird Zuchu shares emotional journey behind ‘Naringa’ hit

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has opened up about the inspiration behind her latest song ‘Naringa,’ revealing she penned the lyrics while shedding tears due to the challenges she faced in the music industry.

Zuchu, born Zuhura Othman, candidly shared how she was subjected to gossip and scrutiny by social media users, an experience that led to her emotional outpouring while composing the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

‘Naringa,’ a soul-stirring anthem, serves as an encouragement to never give up, reassuring listeners that they are never alone, as God is their constant source of strength.

Speaking about the creative process behind ‘Naringa,’ Zuchu expressed,

“Especially this verse, I wrote it during one of the toughest times in my music career. As you know, people are never too far to talk about me, especially during that period, regardless of my humanity. However, in this profession that I chose, one of its challenges is being talked about, so I decided to channel my anger into my music.”

She went on to add, “I was writing this verse while shedding tears. Being talked about is also a blessing because it signifies that you are a star and you are blessed. When people talk about you or exert a lot of effort to bring you down, know that there is something significant about you that they cannot defeat, and that’s why they are fighting you. Anyways, this song is here to uplift your spirits and remind you that you are chosen, and the One you rely on does not falter, does not take bribes, and favors the affirmative.”

Zuchu, in a recent interview with Wasafi, shed light on the underlying theme of her music, emphasizing that a significant portion of her fan base comprises children and women.

The sensational artist behind the hit track “Sukari” found herself in a recent online confrontation with one of her fans.

The fan expressed disapproval of Zuchu’s fashion choices, suggesting that her attire gave off a childlike vibe.

“Zuchu, you could use the services of a skilled stylist. Your music is mature, but your clothing choices resemble those of a child.”

Zuchu fired back with a response, saying: “Don’t dictate my fashion choices; go buy some for your father instead, my friend.”

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