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Tanzanians praise KOT for rallying behind Diana Chepkemoi

By Wangu Kanuri September 5th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyans have shed off tribal and political differences and rallied behind Diana Chepkemoi earning praise from Tanzanians.

The unity comes at a time the country is divided down to the middle as per the results of August 9, 2022, elections and Supreme Court petition with the results showing a tribal voting pattern.

However, Kenyans found time to rally behind one of their own forcing a response from Saudi Arabia’s Embassy to Kenya and the Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau.

The embassy refuted claims of ill-treatment attributing Chepkemoi’s body physic to ‘normal health condition’.

While the Kenyan government asked Kenyans to stop sending ‘this category’ of workers to Saudi Arabia, in a tweet that has since caused a public uproar.

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Here is what Kenyans tweeted on the plight of Chepkemoi.

Famed Azimio blogger Abraham Mutai tweet

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Chepkemoi is said to arrive in Kenya on Monday, September 5, 2022, thanks to the media and Kenyans across all social media platforms.

The 24-year-old was trapped in Saudi Arabia while her body was emaciated evidence of her ‘before and after’ photos that made rounds on social media.

The final year student at Meru University had gone to Saudi Arabia to look for employment to secure her school fees.

In an audio recording, her boss’s contempt and temperament for Chepkemoi are evident, while she categorically denies harming the young lady.

Chepkemoi’s boss insists that her employee is a pathological liar who wants to ruin her, which she stresses several times, she will not allow.

The employer adds that Chepkemoi, whom she sarcastically refers to as “Princess Diana” and at times, derogatorily as a “b****” is sick, simply because she wants to talk to her boyfriend.

Diana Spencer was the princess of Wales.

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