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Tanzania’s patient zero apologises for being first coronavirus victim

Tanzania’s coronavirus patient zero has been forced to apologise to Tanzania for having been the first victim of the virus in the country.

Two days after she was declared the first Covid-19 case in Tanzania Isabella Mwambapa, 46, said she was doing well and she is upbeat that very soon she will be back to normal life.

Ms Mwambapa was speaking today on phone during a news conference by the Minister of Health Ummmy Mwalimu which was held at the Arusha Regional Commissioner’s office.

“After seeking consent from the patient she has allowed me to put her on loudspeaker for all of you hear what she has to say,” said Ms Mwalimu.

Speaking from her quarantine, Isabella said she didn’t have any fever and neither did she have any cough.

“I would like us to use this opportunity to educate the public on how to protect themselves and how the virus spreads. It is a worldwide pandemic and all that matters now is that people should stay calm and follow the guidelines being issued by the relevant authorities,” she said.

Isabella arrived in the country on Sunday aboard a Rwandair flight from Belgium where she had gone on personal business.

Infections across the world have crossed the 200,000, mark with death toll climbing to 8,000 with China still leading closely followed by deaths in Italy.