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Taps run dry in Umoja, Tena estates

Residents of Umoja, Innercore and parts of Tena have had to live without tap water in their houses for the past two weeks.

Water rationing is common in the three Eastlands estate, but it is usually just for a few days. This time however the taps have been dry or the last two weeks.

No explanation has been forthcoming from City Hall on why there is no water in the area.

Residents have had to buy water from vendors who charge exorbitantly.

“I don’t trust the water that is sold by the vendors because I don’t know how clean their jerrycans are. But what do I do, there is no any other alternative but to buy,” said Stella Mategi of Tena estate.

Some residents of Innercore accuse the vendors of colluding with City Hall employees to create artificial shortages in some areas.

“How would you explain a situation where your neighbour’s apartment taps are always running while yours are always dry?” posed Peter Otieno, a resident of Innercore.

“How come when there is a water shortage, there is always either water tanks or hand cart vendors ready to supply water to residents?” asked Dancun Oduor.

The residents called on the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company to intervene.