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We’re only targeting commercial vehicles, MCSK clarifies on music crackdown

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has denied claims that it is targeting private vehicles in its ongoing crackdown on pirated music.

Under MCSK regulations, commercial vehicles must obtain a license to play local music or to tune to local radio stations.

Speaking to Nairobi News on the phone, Nairobi regional manager Mr Peter Enyenze said the society is only targeting commercial vehicles that bear an insurance sticker that shows they are not private.

“Please note that this does not apply to private settings such as funerals, burials, weddings and private vehicles bearing a private insurance sticker,” he said.

He said contrary to sentiments being expressed on social media, MCSK officials only stop vehicles they suspect are not private.


Defaulters are slapped with instant fines which they can pay via mobile money transfer, he added.

“We have a paybill that that those who have violated the MCSK regulations are allowed to pay and then proceed with their journeys, or they can give the society a cheque. And if they have neither, then we will take them to the police station,” Mr Enyenze explained.

According to the official, any commercial vehicle bearing a “commercial vehicle insurance sticker is subject to paying a license of say Sh3,500 for pickups, trucks, etc. Did you know that even railway stations and airports also pay licenses?”


The MSCK manager added that there are unscrupulous people masquerading as MCSK officials who are extorting money from the general public in the name of piracy enforcement.

He went ahead to advice the public that, “If any of them comes to your business premises, insist that they produce a certificate from Kenya Copyright Board and a Gazette notice confirming that Kenya Copyright Board has authorised them to enforce on its behalf.”

He also warned the public not to be scared even if the officials are accompanied by Administration Police.

“If they bulldoze their way in don’t pay them any fines. Pay the cash bail and let them take you to court. They will never appear. Sometimes if they take you to the police station, insist you want to file a counter-charge and they will disappear.”