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Taxpayers renovate Moi, Kibaki offices at Sh153.6 million

State House will spend Sh153.6 million on the renovation of former presidents Daniel arap Moi’s and Mwai Kibaki’s offices, adding to the burden of taxpayers to keep the former heads of state comfortable in retirement.

Taxpayers have spent Sh10 million refurbishing the offices with the bill expected to increase to Sh153.6 million over the next two years, documents tabled in Parliament on Wednesday show.

“Key outputs expected during the 2017/18 financial year shall include… available office space for the second retired (Mr Kibaki),” State House said in the documents.

Mr Kibaki’s office block at Nyari Estate in Nairobi was bought in 2013 by the government at Sh250 million.

Its purchase followed a public outcry after the Treasury had set aside Sh700 million to acquire new offices for Kenya’s third president.

Mr Moi has an office at Kabarnet Gardens off Ngong Road and repairs of the two office blocks come as Kenyans prepare to spend half a billion shilling in the financial year starting July to keep the former presidents happy in retirement.


Mr Kibaki stepped down from the presidency in 2013 after serving two terms. Mr Moi retired in 2002 after a 24-year reign, which has entitled him to regular payments, the first ever for a former head of state in Kenya.

The first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, died in office in 1978. The Sh519.6 million retired presidents bill, up from Sh321 million in the current year ending June, includes pension and perks, utilities and pay for their state-funded staff.

Mr Kibaki and Mr Moi’s pensions will increase by 15.6 per cent from July to Sh74 million. If paid equally, the package assures each of the retired presidents a monthly payout of Sh3 million — a figure that is higher than President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official salary of Sh1.5 million.

The annual benefits are worth Sh58.8 million or Sh4.9 monthly.

Under the law, both Mr Kibaki and Mr Moi are entitled to an office, staff and a full secretariat. Mr Moi opted to use his Kabarnet Gardens home near Kibera in Nairobi as his official office.

The government, however, is responsible for its maintenance and security. The former presidents’ offices are fitted with sophisticated security apparatus such as surveillance equipment and are well furnished.

Apart from the Nyari office block, Mr Kibaki has a State-financed Sh500 million Mweiga home in Nyeri, which was perceived to be his retirement home.

The house is built on a 100-acre piece of land. Mr Kibaki’s other entitlements are Sh195,000 in monthly fuel allowances and a house allowance of Sh299,000.