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Teacher found dead after Valentine’s day invitation, plans his own burial

The community of Nthangariri village is reeling in shock and grief following the sudden and tragic death of Dennis Mwaniki, affectionately known as Mukono, just a day after inviting friends to a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Dennis Mwaniki, a teacher in Embu County, took to Facebook to extend a heartfelt invitation to his friends, apparently seeking solace and companionship amidst personal struggles.

His post read, “Evening members when you are stressed you just need a friend to share with, meanwhile, I invite you to my event on 14/2/2024 welcome all.”

However, the excitement of the gathering quickly turned to sadness when Dennis was found dead in his home the following day, Valentine’s Day.

In a note allegedly left by the deceased, Dennis revealed the emotional turmoil he had been struggling with, citing unrequited love and a subsequent descent into depression as contributing factors to his tragic demise.

The note detailed his futile attempts to seek support from friends, with over 17 people allegedly dismissing his distress and failing to offer any meaningful help.

The heartbreaking note, which was shared on social media platforms, outlined Dennis’ final wishes, including his request to be buried at a specific location on Valentine’s Day.

He also expressed his desire for his belongings to be distributed to any children he may have had, and requested that a particular photograph be included in his funeral programme.

“All my property to be distributed to my children if any. The attached picture to be added on my burial program.” reads part of the note.

In addition, Dennis nominated two members of the County Assembly to organise his funeral arrangements.

He also provided the contact details and name of the woman who had rejected him and requested that she be found to deliver his eulogy.

Those who have reacted to the posts says the tragic circumstances surrounding his death are a grim reminder of the silent struggles faced by people with mental health problems and the urgent need for greater awareness, empathy and support for those in emotional distress.

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