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Teachers receive November salaries, but no September pay

The Teachers Service Commission on Tuesday released the November salaries teachers but without September pay. Further, the teachers’ unions will for the third month go without their dues as the teachers’ pay slips don’t reflect the deductions from the members to the unions.

The TSC is dragging its feet in effecting the deal that was approved by President Uhuru Kenyatta. The deal entailed payment of teachers’ September salaries, withdrawal of all cases filed by the parties and a new four-year collective bargaining agreement to be reached within a month.

The teachers are also required to withdraw all court cases and start fresh talks for an agreement with their employer which must involve the Salaries Remuneration Commission.

The salary and union dues issue is likely to be the number one agenda when the Kenya National Union of Teachers and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers meet the TSC officials on Wednesday.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion said he expected that before they commence the talks, TSC to have paid the September salaries and also wired the union dues.


“That is a pre-condition before we go on with the talks. Let the September salaries be in the teachers’ accounts. TSC should also give us our October and September dues. Teachers have suffered enough,” Mr Sossion said.

Teachers who spoke to Nairobi News said that their pay slips had their medical allowance and NHIF deducted despite the AON medical insurance deductions having been stopped by Knut

The TSC has previously said it will not pay the teachers their September salaries since they did not work for 33 days, the period which they were on strike

In September, only 42,973 teachers, mostly principals, their deputies and heads of department who were in schools for the duration of the strike were paid. Over 245,000 teachers missed their September salaries

The commission on Tuesday uploaded on their website the teachers’ pay slips and the teachers will be able to access the cash in their respective bank accounts from Wednesday.