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‘Team mafisi’ member shows how to kiss bride in church – VIDEO

A couple has become an online sensation for their public display of affection during their wedding that was caught on video.

The clip starts with the two standing while facing each other in what appears to be a wedding ceremony inside a church.

The bride is dressed in a white gown while the groom is in a black suit.

Things get interesting when the officiator of the ceremony announces that the groom may kiss the bride.

The man suddenly grabs the bride by her temples, tilts her head backwards and starts kissing her.

The two get so engrossed in their passionate act to a point the man unknowingly knocks off the bride’s earring.

It takes a pat on groom’s back by the church minister to jolt the couple from the reverie.

However, the identity of the couple remains unknown although the caption on the video that was posted on YouTube on July, 24 indicates that the two individuals are Zimbabweans.

Some Twitter users expressed their reservations in the manner the two publicly displayed affection.