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Team mafisi unleashed after akorino model Pesh acts as pimp for her friend

Stylish akorino model Pesh Kenya is looking for a God fearing single man to date her friend.

Pesh through her Twitter handle said she was searching for single men but not for herself but her friend whom she identified as Joy.

To show interested party’s exactly what they would be signing for, Pesh posted a picture with Joy working the streets of Nairobi.

The two look pretty in matching pleat skirts and black tops, they both spot the trademark turban.

“My friend Joy says she’s single and searching. God fearing men, where are you?” asked Pesh.

Pesh Kenya in a swimming pool.

Her request was met with mixed reactions from her followers with the most respondents being the notorious team mafisi.


“Huwa mna amka saa ngapi kuanza kupiga hizo skirt zenu pasi?” asked @Lacaz.

“Nipatie number yake nimuitishe number yako,” said @thedukeofbusia.

“Tell her to SMS the word LOVE to 4455,” wrote @stephanyo254.

“Inbox your empessa number,” commented @MurimiMwihaki.

“Kuja na yeye kanisa yetu hapa #1824 on Sunday. We have a guest pastor @JoeWMuchiri1,” said @WilsonWaGitau.

There were those who used memes to express themselves.