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Tears! Kenyan student sobs on TikTok over cheating boyfriend

By Winnie Mabel February 16th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan student named Tallia Tanya broke down in painful tears in a TikTok video as she revealed how she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her on Valentine’s Day.

In the viral video, with red eyes evidence of continuous crying over a period of time, Tallia narrated how she and her sister had been coordinating to buy her boyfriend a pair of shoes for his Valentine’s gift, only for another girl to emerge in the picture.

“Hi guys, you have to agree with me that relationships ain’t my thing, because what is this? It is not my thing totally, totally.

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So, yesterday I planned to surprise my boyfriend and I didn’t want to tell him because our last Valentine’s disappointed me. So I planned with my sister that we are going to buy him some presents. I woke up at 6 am and went to pick my sister at Goshen Inn because she was going somewhere.

I called her and she told me that since I was buying my boyfriend shoes, why don’t I try and find out what shoe size he wears.

I was supposed to meet him between 2 and 3 pm because I had a 10 am class. I called him two times but he was not answering my calls. I thought he was sleeping but wueh, I called the third time- let me even remove my wig- another girl answered his phone.

I asked her where my boyfriend was and she was like ‘who is this?’ I asked her who she was first.

She had the audacity to tell me ‘speak, here he is’ I told her to give the phone to his owner only for her to call him babe. I was shocked. Babe? Did this chick know where this guy and I have been through together? But what is men’s problem?

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I remember yesterday my boyfriend passed by my house and told me one of his cousins was sick and he was supposed to pick medicine for them.

He even showed me the medicine in a brown envelope that he was carrying. Maybe even the sick person he had bought the medicine for was that girl and he was carrying P2 (a family planning pill). You are boring!” said Tallia as she spoke in between bouts of tears.

She went ahead to tell her followers that if anyone wore size 9 shoes and liked wearing baggy t-shirts, they should reach out to her so that she can give them to her.

She also told anyone who wanted to be her Valentine to reach out to her because she would not spend another Valentine’s disappointed and single.

“This time I can’t remain single! You can’t disappoint me two Valentine’s in a row and I accept the outcomes. No! You cannot do this to me men. I deserve better,” concluded Tallia.

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