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Tedd Josiah blasts opposition leaders over IEBC protests

Kenyan music mogul Tedd Josiah has posted a baffling video rant that has gone viral on social media.

The music producer, in the video, blasted opposition leaders over their ongoing protests to kick out IEBC commissioners.

The 46-year-old called on the opposition leaders to stop being selfish and groom future leaders.

“A man who is over 60, he should have nurtured by now the new generation of revolutionaries, the people who think outside the box, the people who challenge the systems of corruption, greed, theft and all that,” said Tedd.


The music producer, who describes himself as a neo-African, added that an elder politician should not be sitting on the streets demonstrating and should instead be helping young people take over and do thing from a different angle.

“You don’t wanna see a grandfather type of person who you look up to sitting on a street corner, protesting for your rights,” he added.

Tedd goes ahead and puts the Cord leaders to task on what they have done for their people who are languishing in poverty in Nyanza.

“A leader is supposed to lead you to a place of prosperity. What place of prosperity is there in Nyanza, one of the most fertile places in Kenya? What prosperity is there?” he posed.

He said that he knows he will be castigated for questioning the development record of Cord leaders because he is one of the “tribe’s men” who is bold enough to speak about it.

“I’m not gonna vote for you if all you’re going to do is use me to go and seat on a street corner and protest,” he said


Tedd wants Kenyan leaders to start looking at how they can empower young people in the country and give them job opportunities.

He said come 2017 he will not vote or fight for politicians because “he is not a body or a number”.

Tedd Josiah is the former Blu Zebra Records boss and is famous for producing the hit single ‘Unbwogable‘ by Maji Maji and Gidi Gidi which was used as a campaign song by the opposition in the 2002 general election.

In the 2007 election, Tedd was the media executive of  Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign. After PNU had put out the Domo TV advert, Tedd and his team swung into action. They produced a counter ad where a female student, reciting a poem, complained that she would no longer be free to tell the truth if the incumbent President, Mwai Kibaki, was reelected.

After the election, he claimed powerful people in government did not like him and at some point, he was put under 24-hour surveillance in his home.

Tedd got a chance to escape to the United Kingdom in early 2008 where sought political asylum saying he feared for his life in Kenya. He only returned to Kenya in November 2010.