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Teen with Kenyan roots dazzles at Britain’s Got Talent 2017 – VIDEO

Sarah Ikumu, a 16 year-old British-born Kenyan teen, on Saturday got a standing ovation and impressed judge Simon Cowell during the season premiere of Britain’s Got Talent.

Her performance earned her the first golden buzzer for her performance on the show, which means she will now go straight to the live shows.

Ikumu, whose parents are Kenyan immigrants, performed a show-stopping rendition of And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson.

She left everyone in London’s Palladium theatre and those who watched at home star struck. She belted out the song leaving the audience gasping and wondering what happened to the shy school girl who just a few moments before walked on to the stage.


When asked by Simon why she choose the song, Sarah explained she picked the song ‘because it shows my vocal ability the best’.

Simon replied: ‘One of the biggest songs in the world, and you want to take that one on. Let’s do it.’

Of course she brought the house down, and the crowd and judges were on their feet applauding her when she finished.

Immediately after her performance, she received a standing ovation as the audience rose to its feet including the judges Simon Cowell, David Williams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.
Even before the audience were done with their applause, Simon reached out and pressed the golden buzzer sending the teen and the audience into delirium.

As the golden confetti showered Ikumu who was jumping up and down excitedly, her family rushed to the stage hugging her and sharing the golden moment.


‘Sarah I’ve heard this song a lot. You started off well…and then it’s like you became possessed halfway through. It was quite incredible,” said Simon Cowell.

Ikumu was born in Milton Keynes and started singing from an early age of 5.

When her parents relocated back to Kenya for about two and a half years, she attended Riara Springs Primary school which is situated at Imara Daima off Mombasa Road where she continued singing.

The Twitter world was also on fire after her performance in the British talent show which aired on Saturday night.