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Teen pregnancies: Magoha blasts ‘irresponsible’ parents

Education CS George Magoha has lashed out at irresponsible parents and guardians for not taking good care of their children resulting in early pregnancies.

Prof Magoha, on Friday, while receiving the final education Covid-19 response committee report, said that parents should only produce children they are able to take care of.

And if they (parents) have no time to look after their children, then they have no business creating them, he said.

“I think we should only produce those children we are able to take care of. If you have no time looking after your child then perhaps you have no business creating a child,” Prof Magoha said.

Four-year scholarships

The CS regretted how three girls whom he had taken to schools each with a four-year scholarship, got pregnant in the two months that schools have been closed due to coronavirus pandemic.

“On a sad note ladies and gentlemen, this ministry has noted that some parents, guardians and caregivers are not providing sufficient care on their children while at home,” he said.

“For instance, it is most heartbreaking that after I personally went to the slums to fish out some of the poor girls and having taken them to schools, and then looking for scholarships for them some of the scholarships are for four years. Three of these form one girls are already pregnant during this short period of two months. A very big shame on the parents. I would like to talk to them eyeball to eyeball.”

Prof Magoha said that it is now the responsibility of parents and guardians to make sure that they spend more time with their children.

“…this pandemic is going to be here for a while. I want to say without any fear of contradiction that our parents should change their mindsets. They should love their children, and love is measured by the number of minutes you spend with your child. And it is not measured by the amount of money you give to your child,” explained Prof Magoha.

“When you spend time with your child you spend part of your life with your child. That is what is lacking and I hope that my many other daughters who are at risk especially in the slums and in normal homes where people have carefree attitudes will listen to my advice.”

He hinted that schools would be reopened soon due to the rising cases of Covid-29 infections in the country.

Already, he says, 351 public schools are being used by the government as quarantine facilities while some universities are also used as isolation centres.

“It will look like an open secret because as we speak 351 public schools are being used by the government as quarantine centres. And some of the universities are being used as isolation centres. Further, the ministry will review the report before advising the country on the steps to take,” Prof Magoha said.