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Teen socialite Shakila releases video ahead of Wanyama defamation suit

Teen socialite Shakila has released a Gengetone music video titled Ndovu, in which she appears rapping, flaunting cash, arranging wads of notes on the table, and inside her chest.
“What’s up gal, I am your gal Shakila and you are hanging out with the baddest empire Bwana mkunaji,” she says at the start of the two-and a half minute explicit video.
In the video, the 19-year-old is spotted twerking and shaking her chest with her hands while smiling. Opened beer bottles also appear in the room where the controversial video is shot.
This video hits the airwaves barely a week after Shakila publicly pleaded for financial support to be able to defend herself from a defamation suit filed by Harambee Stars captain Victor Wanyama.
Wanyama sued the teen socialite after she made claims against him during a live interview on Instagram but later conceded she never imagined ‘this thing will be this serious’.
“So next month (November) we are doing the first hearing for the Wanyama case and I have just talked to my legal team, seen the legal fees, seen how much this thing (the case) could cost. Oh my God. So I’m putting in a paybill number, please send any amount that you have and I will really appreciate.”
She however failed to disclose just how much money she needed for the case.