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Ten reasons why it is better living in Kigali than in Nairobi

Kigali. The beautiful East African City located between the beautiful Nyamirambo hills and perhaps one of the very few places in Africa where order and efficiency rules amid traces of an iron first dictatorship.

Here is a lowdown on why Kigali is a better place to reside in, compared to our very own City in the Sun that is Nairobi.

1. Kigali was two years ago voted the cleanest City in Africa. This ranking was no fluke, judging by the standards exhibited. Here, the streets are sparkling clean with no traces of paper or any other litter for that matter, anywhere.

The streets in Kigali are renowned for their cleanliness.
The streets in Kigali are renowned for their cleanliness.


2. This place is ten times more secure than Nairobi, or perhaps any other location in Kenya. The streets, avenues and residential areas here are all manned by armed, uniformed and undercover security agents, some of whom are located barely 100 apart. Incidents of crime are virtually unheard off hear.

3. Unlike the nightmare that comes with driving through Nairobi, motor- traffic in Kigali flows freer than River Nile. This could because of the far much less number of cars here. But it certainly has everything to do with the disciplined motorists who follow the highway code to the later.

Traffic flows freely in Kigali.
Traffic flows freely in Kigali.

4. Corruption, am told, is almost an alien word in Kigali. Compared to Kenya, where the anti graft body is facing allegations of mismanagement, word has it that high Government officials, friends and families of the establishment and even foreign dignitaries who have been suspected of underhand dealings are serving time in prison in Kigali.

Apparently all you need to do to face the consequences here is to simply arouse suspicion.

5. In total contrast to Nairobi, residents of Kigali are more friendlier and welcoming. A majority of the inhabitants here wear a smile, are ready to show you around and even simply entertain a guest.

6. Public resources here are utilised in the best way possible. Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s fleet consists of not more than three cars. In fact, more often than not, the number one drives himself around town when not in official duty. I bet it is easier to compare this to what we have at home.

7. Everybody here is responsible for the state of affairs in the town.

Well manicured roadside gardens in Kigali.
Well manicured roadside gardens in Kigali.

For example, every last Saturday of every month has been set aside for cleanliness in Kigali. What this means is every local residing here must dedicate half of his day to picking rubbish, trimming the grass, flowers and gardens, etcetra.

8. The state of sporting infrastructure in Kigali cannot be compared to what is available in Nairobi.

At the moment, two new modern stadia are being put up in readiness for the Africa Nations Championships, a continental football event that will be hosted in Rwanda next year, a tourney that Kenya has never staged.

9. It also feels much better to be a local football fan in Kigali. Aside from the wrangling and court cases which are a constant fixture in Kenya but unheard of here, the Rwanda national football team is currently ranked 66th in the world. That rating is almost twice as better compared to the Harambee Stars.

10. The women. Simply put, Rwandan ladies are cute. Very beautiful (pardon me for the repetition). They own wonderful curves and are light skinned.

Any other Rwandan girl on the streets in Kigali would defiantly triumph in a Miss something event consisting her Kenyan ladies, held on any day of the week!