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Ten-year-old cancer warrior stranded in India, appeals for help to return home

Jaipur, India. In 2018, Simon Leiyan Chege, a father of two, discovered that his firstborn son, Lewis Chege, 10, was very unwell.

Mr Chege, 37, had watched his son get convulsions. So he checked him into the Texas Cancer Centre in Nairobi. His condition did not improve. It was cancer.

“He had convulsions, seemed to be confused most of the time, could endlessly talk to himself, scream a lot while in school and had hand tremors,” he told the Nation.

“His classmates at Winners Academy, Kimana, Loitoktok, Kajiado County contributed money, helped reassure him and prayed with us especially last year when he missed an entire term as we had brought him to India for brain cancer treatment.”

“When he completed his first treatment there, he lost his hair but the kids did not make him feel bad about it. They visited him home to celebrate that he had come back after treatment even though the treatment never worked then.”

Further scans revealed that there was no change in Lewis’s brain tumour. Dr Paul Lubanga of Kenyatta National Hospital then referred them to India.