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Tenants ordered to evacuate Ruaka building with caved car park

National Construction Authority officials have ordered tenants to evacuate an apartment block in Ruaka whose car park caved in after night rains.

Initial reports indicate that a developer had dug up a huge foundation next to the Grafion Apartments without proper reinforcements, weakening the apartment block’s perimeter wall.

Five vehicles were damaged when the parking space caved-in due to the construction work at the adjacent plot.

Some cars could be seen hanging on the edge, and one was inside the ditch.

The sunken car park of Grafions Aprtments in Ruaka. PHOTOS | COURTESY

According to one tenant, the incident occurred at around 2 am following heavy rains.

“We heard a loud sound like thunder and immediately, our security guards started knocking on our doors telling us that part of the perimeter wall had collapsed and part of the parking had caved in,” he stated.

One of the NCA officials said the collapsed wall was as a result of an ‘engineering mistake’.

Some tenants have defied the evacuation order.

NCA has suspended construction works in the neighbouring land until structural and engineering concerns are addressed.