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Tension in Nairobi slums as Kenyans await big announcement – PHOTOS

Tension is slowly building up in the strongholds of Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga ahead of the much-anticipated declaration of the president-elect by the IEBC.

In Kibera slums, as early as 7am in the morning, youths took to one of the notorious street in the constituency to ferry tryes in preparation for demonstration.

Minutes after 10am the rowdy youths numbering between 30 and 50 started burning the tyres while chanting “No Raila, No Peace”.

The epicenter of the demonstrations was Karanja Road all the way to AIC Kibera House of prayer church round about.

Kennedy Opiyo, one the youths, told Nairobi News that they were exercising their right to peaceful demonstration and were not out to cause chaos.

Youths in Kibera on August 11, 2017. PHOTO | COLLINS OMULO
Youths in Kibera on August 11, 2017. PHOTO | COLLINS OMULO

“We just want justice. We will only demonstrate in peace and not throw stones,” he said.

Another youth, who didn’t not want to reveal his name, said that the delay by IEBC to announce results was not helping matters.

“We are waiting for the results to be announced. It is taking too long and the wait has affected business and their normal lives,” he said.

In Mathare there is heavy police presence. There are more than two police trucks full of police. Three water cannons are doing rounds. Groups of youth are converging all over. There is a deceptive air of calm.

Locals say they are waiting for IEBC to announce results. Things also look deceptively calm.

Police patrol in Mathareon August 11, 2017. PHOTO | BRIAN MOSETI
Police patrol in Mathareon August 11, 2017. PHOTO | BRIAN MOSETI

“We are waiting until IEBC announces the real results. Mathare is calm we ate just waiting,” says Jackson Nthenge one of the area residents.

Businesses are also closed here.

In Kawangware there is heavy police presence with the situation looking tense.

Pockets of youth groups are also building up.

Businesses are closed and even Matatus are not plying most routes.

Businesses remained closed in Nairobi's Mathare and Huruma. PHOTO | BRAIN MOSETI
Businesses remained closed in Nairobi’s Mathare and Huruma. PHOTO | BRAIN MOSETI

Locals day there was friction with police last night.

In area 56 there is presence of burnt tyres on roads.

In Huruma, businesses remained closed. Nation team that visited the areas saw groups of young men who said were waiting for Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to announce results.

Others said they were waiting for Nasa candidate Raila odinga, who is trailing President Uhuru Kenyatta, to give them the way forward.

Most of the residents were however concerned that the situation was hurting their businesses.

“They should just announce the final results and we forget these elections. People are getting hungry. No money is coming in here,” said Mr Jackson Mutiso Nthenge, a resident of Huruma.

Riotous groups set ablaze tyres in the populous estate two days ago.

Remnants of the riots were evident on the estate’s streets.

On a normal day, the streets would be clogged with traffic but when the Nation team visited, there was no vehicular traffic.

Police vehicles carrying officers in riot gear were parked at strategic positions.