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Terence Creative declares his undying love for Milly Chebby on her birthday

Content creator Terence Creative has left his fans in awe after he shared a series of photos of his wife Milly Chebby on his Instagram page wishing her a happy birthday. 

In the post, the comedian praised his wife for being the love of his life, while acknowledging her worth as a woman. He went on to ask his fans to help him wish her a happy birthday all while showering her with blessings galore. 

“Woman of worth! I thank God for giving you another year my love, you are one of the greatest lady that I am glad to spend my life with. You are very resilient, smart and your unconventional approach to life has made you what you are today: a woman of worth. Enjoy this year to the fullest my dear wife and May God continue fulfilling the desires of your life. To perpetual growth, wisdom, health, and wealth,” Terence’s message reads.

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The couple has had its fair share of ups and downs on and off social media but has pulled through together despite the many challenges they’ve been through.

In 2021, Terence, in an interview, revealed that he had confessed to his wife that he cheated on her. He said they shared an unbreakable bond as a family and he knew that it was better for her to hear it from him than anyone else.

“Let me say something maybe I’ve not said, I really love my wife because she stood by me through whatever I’ve been through. If it was someone else, I would have not told about messing up and questioned what to do because we’re in a union. Marriage is not about perfection but progress. It’s all about support and I thank her,” he said. 

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Chebby has been open about forgiving her husband when he cheated on her but always reminds him she won’t take the disrespect again. 

His confession came just hours after YouTuber Edgar Obare of BNN – Bandana News Network – with whom Terence had been feuding over the cheating allegations, uploaded a trailer of Anita Soina’s confession about her relationship with Terence.

Anita is alleged to be the woman Terence cheated on Milly with although he did not come out to admit this himself.

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“He wasn’t a sponsor. If I didn’t love him, ndio ungesema ni sponsor (we would have said he was a sponsor)… If there were no feelings… If I was just there for money ingekuwa hivyo (it would have been that way) but I think it’s not that way,” Anita told Edgar in the video.

When asked if Terence felt the same way, Anita said she doesn’t know, although he had told her that he loved her before.

Anita, then, told Edgar that she had to come out and confess because she was scared for her life following alleged threats from Terence’s wife.

Meanwhile, Terence keeps declaring his undying love for Milly on social media. 

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