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Terence Creative recounts the loss of his first child

Kenyan digital content creator Terence Macharia alias Terence Creative has recounted the pain he and his wife Milly Chebby went through when they lost their first child in 2017.

⁣During in a recent question and answer session on his Instagram stories, Terence said losing their child was the most stressful experience of their marriage.

The comedian made the revelation while commiserating with a fan who had shared the experience of losing a child.⁣

“Pole sana and take hurt @Millychebby and I lost our baby Milla, it was very stressful but what kept us going is prayers and immediately we started to look for another pregnancy and it shall be well,” Terence said.⁣

Two years ago, Milly Chebby shared details of a miscarriage that saw her lose her baby at week 13 of pregnancy in 2017.⁣

Milly and Terence revealed that after five years of dating they decided to have a baby, but unfortunately had a miscarriage. At the time, Milly stated that the pregnancy was normal until week five when she experienced unusual spotting.

Earlier this year, the YouTuber summoned the courage to talk about the pain of losing her first child. But she got pregnant with Milla Netai just two months after suffering a miscarriage.

Her second pregnancy also developed complications just a few months in.

“I got pregnant two months after my first miscarriage. Milla was born with a tumor in her stomach, the stomach was very swollen but it was not painful even if you pressed it,” she disclosed on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel.

She added that her daughter went through a successful surgery and she is as bubbly baby today.

More recently, through her YouTube channel, Milly Chebby responded to some of her fans who keep asking her about her plans to get another child for her husband saying that when the right time comes they’ll have another child.

She further revealed that for the last three years, she has been recovering from traumas she went through before and after she got her daughter Milla, which is why she is not quite ready yet.

“For me, it has taken time to recover from my first experience. I had a miscarriage and my baby’s pregnancy was such a rough journey, and then I got my baby (Milla) and she got sick. I have not recovered from postpartum.”