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Terence Creative responds to viral video of his wife twerking for Singer Bahati

Content Creator Terence Creative has shared his opinion on a viral video showing his wife dancing seductively with Singer Bahati.

In an interview with a local radio station, the YouTuber, famously known for his wash wash series suggested his wife twerking for Bahati saying was not a big deal.

Twerking is a dancing style in which a lady shakes his backside close to a man’s groin.

In what is reported to have been Bahati wife’s birthday party, Bahati and Milly, were spotted in a video in a controversial dance mode as their partners watched and even recorded the video. 

Terence, born Lawrence Macharia, however, says he is not bothered by the dance.

“There is no problem with that. I am not jealous. I take it like Bahati is warming water as I use it to shower. Also, it is an old video you can all see Diana was not pregnant then,” he said.

The two couples are known to be very close and many of their fans seemed to be more entertained by the video than shocked. 

The clip elicited a lot of mixed reactions among social media users.

In recent updates, Terence Creative shared an opinion about his wife, Milly Chebby’s weight saying that he is not for the idea that she should go for liposuction as he is willing to help her work out. 

This followed a confession by Chebby that she is afraid of going through with liposuction, unlike her best friend actress Jackie Matubia. 

Chebby had disclosed earlier in the month that she was planning on having weight loss surgery to help her get rid of excess fat. She, however, divulged that she had yet decided on which method would best suit her, but stated that she would be sharing her journey with her followers and YouTube subscribers when she starts. 

Chebby makes the list of female celebrities who have been body shamed on social media, with others being the likes of Anerlisa Muigai, Pierra Makena, Sanaipei Tande, Kamene Goro, and Neomi Nganga to mention a few. 

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