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Terence Creative splashes millions on ‘Wash Wash’ project

Comedian Lawrence Macharia, popularly known as Terence Creative, has disclosed that he invested over Sh6 million in the production of his upcoming project.

The comedian shared insights into the extensive costs incurred during the filming process, including travel expenses, permits, accommodation, and overall production expenditures.

Terence emphasized that the Sh6 million figure was an understatement of the actual expenses.

He said the amount was too much that at some point, they eventually stopped keeping track.

Explaining the challenges of shooting in Dubai, Terence highlighted the necessity of obtaining permits and acknowledged the grace of God for making their dream a reality.

“We didn’t just pass by Dubai; we lived in Dubai. Like the movie Extraction 2, shot in Dubai, but they didn’t even scratch the surface of those places and all the places on could be.

But it’s by God’s grace that we shot a good movie so that people can see even Kenyans are hardworking, they have resources. We spent over six million; it got to a point where we stopped counting the money. That 6 million was from ages ago; we’d already exceeded that. Every small money we got, we’d put it in the film,” Terence explained.

The comedian is gearing up to launch his highly anticipated film on December 11, promising viewers heart-stopping action, cleverly executed cons, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Terence rose to fame with his viral character “Papa Fred,” a Congolese man entangled in money laundering, particularly in the popular “Wash Wash” series, which gained immense popularity among Kenyan audiences.

Terence has produced three episodes so far and is set to unveil the fourth, featuring unexpected alliances, betrayals, and numerous plot twists in a captivating narrative of fun, crime, and redemption.

“Expect heart-stopping action, brilliantly executed cons, and a series of laugh-out-loud moments as Papa Fred tries to outwit law enforcement and the dangerous criminal underworld. With unexpected alliances, betrayals, and countless plot twists, Wash Wash 4 is a rollercoaster of fun, crime, and redemption,” he wrote.

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