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Terror plot foiled as Police discover explosives in Pangani

By KNA May 4th, 2015 1 min read

Quick action by Police in Nairobi Monday may have foiled an attempt by unknown persons to detonate an improvised explosive device in the Pangani area of Nairobi.

According to Police Spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki, residents of Mlango Kubwa found a suspicious parcel hanging from an electricity meter box at a plot in the area and informed police.

The Pangani police then quickly rushed to the scene and secured it before calling for reinforcement from the bomb detonation squad who also rushed to the scene.

The security officers then opened the suspicious bag and inside, found plastic bottles containing a smelly liquid suspected to be petroleum, a plastic bottle containing white substance suspected to be ammonium nitrate, a black wire fuse suspected to be a bomb detonator and small pieces of mattress soaked in petrol.


A house, whose owner could not be immediately identified, and believed to be used by the suspects was broken into and searched.

The police said they recovered a two litre plastic container with petroleum, a fuse wire and an empty plastic container.

Mboroki said the bomb experts confirmed the materials as capable of making some improvised explosive devices.

Meanwhile, police have launched serious manhunt for the occupants of the house and have called on members of the public to volunteer information that may lead to arrest of those behind the plot.