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Terryanne Chebet clears the air on drinking habits

Media girl Terryanne Chebet has cleared the air on her supposed drinking culture which reportedly left some of her fans with concerns over her health.

The TV girl made her feelings known in response to a fan on her Instagram.

Ms Chebet insisted she is not at all concerned about the danger of drinking alcohol for it is meant to be enjoyed.

The question by the fan read, “Do you get concerned that the amount of alcohol you consume is dangerous to your health?”

The question was met with a concise response from the entrepreneur, which read, “No I don’t! Alcohol is to be enjoyed not to be abused. I advocate for responsible drinking. Drink better, not more, you know?”

Earlier in the year during an interview with a local station, the former Citizen TV journalist shared some of her experiences in the media industry, where she recalled having been bullied when she was a presenter.

She added that she doesn’t see herself returning to be a full time news anchor unless it’s her own media house where she would cultivate a healthy work environment.

“Filming today made me miss my anchorwoman job! But would I do it again? Nope,” she said.

“At least never full-time again. It was great but the bad times were bad,” she added.

Being a woman who firmly believes in keeping her relationship private, the media personality surprised her fans when she shared a silhouette photo where she’s seen with her man.

Terryanne’s post has caught many by surprise considering she made it clear sometime back that she would never post her relationship on social media.

Speaking on her decision in a previous interview with media personality Grace Msalame, the mother of two explained that putting too much of her private life on social media would only invite criticism and bad energy and would therefore protect her dating life by keeping it off the socials.

“I believe there is a reason why personal is actually called personal and there are things that are your personal life that should remain that way. And if you put too much out there, it invites criticism and bad energy. So as for me I said I will protect my dating life, I will protect the people I date because they are not public personalities,” she said.