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Terryanne Chebet on the struggles of balancing career and parenting

Renowned media personality Terryanne Chebet has delved into the challenges she faces as a single mother, shedding light on the delicate balance between her thriving career and parenting responsibilities.

The mother of two told Nailantei Kenga on the show “Art Of Living,” that due to the demands of her engaging career, she had lost touch with her children, an aspect she is actively rebuilding in her mid-40s.

She emphasised the common trait among single mothers, stating: “[There is] no mum who is not strict, especially a single mum. My children have to respect and be nice to our house.”

Terryanne, known for her successful career and role as CNBC Strategic Development lead, revealed her commitment to instilling discipline in her household.

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She cited examples such as maintaining pristine white seats and preserving ostrich eggs on the table, symbols of the importance of respect and order in her home.

As she looks to the future, Terryanne outlined her plans for building a retirement home and strengthening her relationship with her children before they leave the nest.

She expressed a keen interest in investing more, having already secured land for her future residence.

“After 50, you do not want to be hustling too much. I want to do the most I can between my 45 years and 50. My plan is to invest more. Hopefully, I will build my house because I have already bought the land,” Terryanne said.

Acknowledging the need for a more present parenting approach, she voiced her commitment to investing properly in her children’s lives.

“I want to invest properly in parenting. I have been a very busy parent, and I feel like the kids have lost out on the touch of a fully immersed, engaged mum in their lives. What I am currently doing allows me that space to hang out and cook more for my kids.”

However, Terryanne made it clear that expanding her family is not part of her plans. “Not. Why? The world does not need any more kids,” she said.