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Terryanne Chebet praises her mysterious bae

Media personality Terryanne Chebet has broken her silence and shared insights into her private life, revealing details about the mysterious man she is currently dating.

The CNBC Strategic Development lead opened up during a recent interview with KTN’s Nailantei, where she candidly discussed her relationship status.

During the interview, Nailantei, in her trademark style, ambushed Terryanne with the question everyone has been curious about: “Are you currently in a relationship?”

Terryanne, visibly taken aback, tried to compose herself and brushed off the question, but Nailantei persisted.

“Yes, there is someone in the picture,” Terryanne finally admitted, a hint of embarrassment evident in her expression.

“Yoh, you didn’t tell me you were gonna ask me this question,” she accused the KTN presenter, who insisted that it’s a new year and everyone deserves to be loved.

Terryanne, a mother of two girls, agreed with Nailantei, acknowledging the importance of love in the new year.

When pressed about what she loves about her mystery man, she took a deep sigh before sharing:

“He is present. He is serious about building not just a relationship but a future together. He is fun to be around.”

As Nailantei probed further, Terryanne attempted to deflect the conversation, exclaiming, “Ah, you asked for one, that’s four and is enough.”

She also made it clear that she does not plan to have any more children.

“Not. Why? The world does not need any more kids.”

Terryanne had introduced her mystery man on social media in 2022 using a silhouette photo.

The post featured the caption ‘Te Amo,’ and her fans flooded her with congratulatory messages.

Speaking about her aspirations, the CNBC Strategic Development lead mentioned that she is manifesting a lot.

“We should have big dreams. It might not be this year, next year, but it will come,” she shared.

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