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Thank God KDF killed my jihadist son, British woman confesses

October 12th, 2015 1 min read

The mother of Thomas Evans, the British national who was killed after Al-Shabaab militants attempted to attack a military base in Lamu County in June, has said she was relieved to learn of his death.

During an interview with the Sunday Times, the mother of the deceased British jihadi Thomas Evans remembered how her ‘shy and gentle boy’ turned into the monster who ‘murdered Christians and torched churches’.

Thomas Evans, popularly known as the White Beast for his ruthlessness on the battlefield, became the first British extremist to be killed on Kenyan soil.

“I was ‘both devastated and relieved’ when she read of his death on Twitter – and believes he is ‘burning in hell’ for his crimes,” said Sally Evans.


She believes his transformation into a terrorist began when he met some new Asian friends at a gym, around the time he broke up with his long-term girlfriend ‘who he still loved’.

Thomas changed his name to Abdul Hakim and started using different pots and pans to his family – saying they were contaminated with food that was not halal.

Evans was stopped by counter-terror police when he tried to board a plane to Kenya in 2011 but four months later, he successfully flew to Egypt. In January 2012, he rang his mother to tell her he had sneaked into Somalia.

During the interview the mother said that her son called and told her that he had married a young girl who was ’13 or 14′ and did not speak English. He said that he gave her family an old cow so he could marry her.


During another phone call, she and Evans argued about the Westgate shopping mall attack in Kenya where Al-Shabaab terrorists gunned down more than 60 people.

SOURCE: Sunday Times