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That one-time Bien-Aimes’ mum dissed Nameless

Legendary Kenyan musician David Mathenge alias Nameless takes his love for durags a bit too seriously as he would never be spotted without one – even when chilling out, away, from the public eye.

It was during this epic Nameless-durags love affair period that one Nancy Baraza, the mother to Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza, dissed Nameless and his headgear when she visited her son and his girlfriend.

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Speaking during an appearance on the Roast House which featured Nameless as the one being roasted by friends, family and fans, Bien Aime revealed that his mother confused Nameless’ durags for seat covers.

“When Chiki and I moved into the neighbourhood, we were sure that we moved to Hollywood. Cause when you peak as a musician, that is where you live. I moved in next to a legend, you know what I’m saying?

At the beginning of my stay there, my mom came to visit because she was unwell. And she asked me ‘Na huyu jirani yako, kila siku anaanika vitambaa za viti, ni nini hizo? (and this neighbour of yours, every day he hangs seat covers, what are those?)’

And I was like, oh! No! Mum, hizo ni durag,” Bien narrated before the audience burst out in uncontained, loud laughter led by Nameless’ wife, Wahu.


As the years passed and the durag began being less fashionable, it was then that Nameless gradually switched to wearing woven beanie and caps that matched his clothes.

He, however, occasionally wears velvet durags.

Many of his fans wondered why he always kept his head covered and only allowed for his dreadlocks to show.

He responded, saying that he had an unflattering forehead and an unflattering hairline.

This ‘phenomenon’ remained unseen for years but he once showed off his head in a photo with his daughter after taking her to a hair salon.

Check out his uncovered head below.

Nameless with the daughter, Nyakio

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