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The challenges of marrying a ‘modern woman’

The contemporary woman, a formidable presence according to many, still presents challenges for many men, especially within the context of relationships.

The modern Kenyan woman is assertive, ambitious, and a go-getter.

While gender roles were well-defined in the millennial era, there were gaps, but both partners understood their responsibilities.

The fathers were entrusted with the responsibility to provide for and protect the family, while women were homemakers, they may not have been excellent they built something

Undoubtedly, there were undefined aspects and male chauvinism dominated some roles.

However, certain roles brought harmony and societal peace.

For example, in many cultures, women were homemakers, and even those who had the privilege of formal education understood their family roles.

Nevertheless, many modern women lack clearly defined roles, leading to numerous challenges.

Many modern women have no role models or people they look up to for guidance.

Modern women often believe that they can outperform men in various domains. Does formal education and independence make a woman identical to a man? Many modern women advocate for men to take care of them without necessarily submitting or showing the respect that men deserve.

Some women desire to stay out late, neglect household chores, and act as they please without accountability.

Is this modernity or an adoption of a different culture? Defining the modern woman and determining the parameters for such a definition are questions that many are grappling with.

In response, some men are hesitant to engage with modern women because they struggle to keep up with their demands. In the pursuit of equality, some women have lost touch with their inner beauty. While equal opportunities are essential, does the quest for equality apply to marriages and relationships? What is the role of the modern woman?

Many women use social media to outline their standards of attraction, with some emphasizing the importance of financial wealth. Why don’t beauty standards focus on a woman’s financial independence?

It is crucial for society to comprehend who the modern woman is and understand her roles. Failure to do so may lead to escalating rates of divorce and single motherhood.

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