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The day the late Prof George Magoha wanted all naughty sites in Kenya closed

The sudden death of Former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has probably left a sombre mood on many Kenyans who remembered him for his strictness which they say brought some sanity to the education system.

But one thing that they all seem to agree on is that the late professor lived his life authentically and fearlessly.

One of his momentous occasions was in the year 2020 when he called for the closure of all naughty sites so as to reduce teenage pregnancies.

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Speaking during a school visit in Nakuru Prof Magoha vowed to start a campaign to lobby all the cabinet secretaries including former President Uhuru Kenyatta to change the law and block all information related to the nasty vice in the country.

“This takes me to my next point, which is that I have been crying like someone in the wilderness. It is about time parents took over control of their children. The issue of our girls and children and grandchildren getting pregnant as if all that we are thinking about is sex,” Prof Magoha said.

“I am going to lobby the cabinets in extension his Excellency the president so that they consider changing the law to block information related to the nasty sites from being accessed by all and sundry in this country.”

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He said countries that have blocked such information have seen a change in their culture.

“I think it is wise and it is proper to call a spade a spade. Because you see when you are not thinking about sex and then someone opens the nasty websites then you start thinking about it and generating ideas,” Prof Magoha explained.

“By the way, why is that site accessible in Kenya, who needs it? Don’t tell us because it is accessible in the US then it should be accessible here. There are many countries both in Africa and Asia that have blocked it and their culture is better.”

He even advised young girls not to fall, victim to sweet nothings, they are told by boys.

“They should not fall victim to someone who tells them they can’t sleep because of them, these guys fall asleep immediately when the girl leaves,” Prof Magoha said.

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