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The drama that played itself out at Cohen’s aborted funeral

By Nahashon Musungu September 24th, 2019 1 min read

Tensions between members of deceased Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen’s immediate family appeared to manifest at his aborted burial on Monday afternoon.

The burial ceremony was rescheduled by a day owing to the unavailability of 10 priests to conduct it as per the Jewish customs.

But in an interesting occurrence, Cohen’s brother Bernard appeared to walk out of a press-briefing at about the same time the deceased’s wife Sarah Wairimu’s lawyer Phillip Murgor was addressing the media.

Police insist Wairimu is the main suspect in this murder case and further bad blood between the deceased and his wife was speculated after he failed to include her in his will.

At the press briefing, all appeared well even as Bernard initially appeared late at the time his lawyers Cliff Ombetta and Danston Omari were fielding questions from the media.


“What we are saying is that there will be no monkey games, Cohen will be buried tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2:30pm,” insisted Omari.

But as Murgor started speaking, a visibly emotional Bernard whispered something into Ombetta’s ear and then walked out, as if in protest.

Despite the clear family tensions, lawyers from both appeared to relate well, with Omari at some point referring to Murgor as ‘my brother’.