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The easiest jackpot coupon in Kenya

June 11th, 2021 2 min read

Rarely do you hit the jackpot more than once.

However, in recent weeks, that has been the order of the day for Betsafe Kenya’s customers.

The Daily Jackpot has been won almost every other day with some punters even winning more than twice.

The jackpot in its nature, selects multiple games with almost similar odds where punters select one of three options; 1X2, which refer to a home win, draw or away win.

This makes the product very competitive as the betting options are limited compared to the regular sportsbook.

Betsafe, however, changed the game completely when they introduced jackpot games with clear favourites on multiple games on offer for selection on the coupon.

With games customers are interested in and more likely to follow, the brand’s Daily Jackpot is a cut above the rest. The Daily Jackpot has eight games with a stake of Ksh.10.

“I made more than one entry on the jackpot I won. It’s one of these entries that won me my latest jackpot,” said Patrick, a multiple Daily Jackpot winner.

The ease of the coupon is evident in the number of times it has been won since its launch in May. The Daily Jackpot has been won over 10 times and continues to be more attractive to sports punters who find the stake and odds to be very competitive.

“The jackpot is supposed to be a product that adds value to the players, so we made it as competitive as possible,” said Mavin Waganda, Betsafe’s Head of Marketing.

“This new Super Euro Jackpot is pretty easy. Just Euro games?” Posed Peter Mutunga, a previous Daily Jackpot winner.

The brand, which now looks like the World of Jackpots, have launched an exclusive Euro2020 jackpot dubbed the Super Euro Jackpot.

The new product has a Ksh.25M prize and a 25 bob stake on 15 games.

It also offers players guaranteed bonuses from 12 correct predictions.

The Super Euro Jackpot, which features Euro2020 games exclusively is more competitive and relatively easier to win than other jackpots in the market. The coupon will have teams that are not evenly matched making it more attractive to players.

“We strive to make our jackpot coupons as easy as possible which is evident in the game selection,” stated Alex Kobia, Betsafe’s Managing Director.

The first Super Euro Jackpot coupon is active on the and the entry closes on Friday, 11th June at 10PM.

You can play Betsafe’s jackpots on