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The good, the bad and the ugly in posting your house tours online

By Winnie Mabel November 25th, 2023 2 min read

“Hi guys, welcome to my YouTube channel. So I know you a lot of guys have been asking so many times and I decided to finally do my house tour today. Without talking so much, let’s hop onto this video and let me show you what you’ve been asking for. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe, make sure to share this content. I love, love, love you guys so much…come with me,” said all content creators at the beginning of their videos, almost word for word.

Millions of content creators have this kind of content on their social media pages. They call themselves lifestyle bloggers and share every miniscule details about themselves- and their houses- with strangers online.

The good

It’s not bad for content creators to do house tours because they do end up benefitting a section of their viewers. Subscribers and random viewers can get inspiration of what to do in their own homes to improve its comfort and aesthetics, the creators themselves can land endorsement deals with companies dealing in household goods and services and there is safe, clean content all around in a world where platforms are filled with vile content that unnecessarily go viral. Many people come to rely on certain content creators for clean content and house tours are in this list.

The bad

Most content creators who chose to do house tours often do it from a point of showing off their achievements and celebrating it online. They go to great lengths to show off their spaces and furniture, ultimately niching themselves in certain lifestyles. But often, the cost of having such a home that would be suitable for house tour videos comes with financial implications. Some creators sometimes go into debt to obtain trending products to show that they aren’t ‘left behind’.

Additionally, they end up enduring comparison and envy either from their end or their viewers’ end. Viewers may compare their homes to the content creator and when they feel they are not at the same level, the viewers can turn on the creator with negative reactions. In turn, the content creator has to suffer through unwarranted humiliation, insults and regret for having shared the house tour in the first place.

The ugly

Content creators ultimately lose their privacy by sharing house tours. While many make sure to not share the locations of their homes, keen viewers or even neighbors expose their addresses online because they know the layout of the house. The creator revealed their private life to millions of strangers.

This places them at great security risks. Some viewers may begin harassing and stalking them from the homes they showed online to other locations they visit. Burglars may plot how to rob you because you have shown them the layout of your home and the location of the valuable items you own. Creators inadvertently increased the likelihood of them being robbed and would have to live looking back over their shoulder or having to move all over again.

Additionally, content creators doing house tours also expose themselves to identity theft when they unintentionally share private details about themselves on the videos. Such instances can include identification numbers and postal addresses, details that can be used to steal their identity and commit malicious activities.

At the end of the day, as an established content creator or a budding one, having read all this, would you still do house tours?

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