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The good, the bad and the viral: Impact of social media on celebrity culture

Social media has had a profound impact on celebrity culture in the 21st century. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, celebrities now have unprecedented access to their fans and followers.

They can interact with them directly, share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their lives and build their personal brands in ways that were not possible before.

One of the most significant impacts of social media on celebrity culture is that it has allowed celebrities to take control of their own narratives. In the past, the media had the power to shape the public’s perception of celebrities through their reporting and coverage.

However, with social media, celebrities can now speak directly to their fans and followers, bypassing traditional media outlets. They can share their own stories, address rumors or controversies, and present themselves in the way they want to be seen.

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This newfound accessibility has helped to humanize celebrities, making them more relatable and down-to-earth. Fans can now see that their favorite celebrities are just like them, with hobbies, interests, and everyday struggles. This has helped to break down the barriers between celebrities and their fans and has made them feel more connected to one another.

Social media has in a sense democratized fame. In the past, becoming a celebrity usually required a combination of talent, hard work, and luck. However, social media has opened up new avenues for people to gain fame and recognition, regardless of their background or skills.

Platforms like TikTok have launched the careers of countless young people who may not have had the same opportunities in the pre-social media era. However, the impact of social media on celebrity culture is not all positive. The constant pressure to maintain a flawless image has intensified with the advent of social media.

Celebrities are expected to look perfect at all times, with flawless skin, a toned physique, and impeccable fashion sense. This has created an unrealistic standard of beauty and has put a lot of pressure on celebrities to maintain their looks.

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Social media has also given rise to “cancel culture,” where celebrities can be “canceled” for saying or doing something that is deemed offensive. This has created a culture of fear, where celebrities are hesitant to speak their minds or express controversial opinions.

This has had a chilling effect on free speech, and it’s not just the celebrities who are impacted. Fans who express support for a “canceled” celebrity can also face backlash and criticism.

The rise of influencer marketing has also become a means to an end for many internet sensations. Celebrities are now being paid millions of shillings to promote products and services on their social media accounts.

This has created a blurred line between genuine endorsement and paid promotion, and many fans feel like they are being taken advantage of. Social media has had a profound impact on celebrity culture over the years, and this is just the beginning of a massive shift.

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