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The good things that have come about my body with my new status as a mother

By NAIROBI WIFE December 8th, 2018 3 min read

Towards the end of my pregnancy and the first few weeks after the baby was born, I did not believe that I would get my body back. I actually never did, but that is okay.

There is a wedding photo hung in our living room and it actually used to get me depressed. I looked nothing like that smiling, blushing bride in the picture. My nose, entire face, feet and of course belly had swelled to a disturbing size. My complexion was dark and blotchy. I was an interesting shape; long gone was the hour glass figure that I had once.

A few weeks after the baby, my body slowly regained some of its old qualities and gained a few new ones as well. I have since discovered a few good things that have come about my body with my new status as a mother.

Despite the new stubborn stretch marks, wobbly belly and new scars that identify me as a mum, some surprising things also happened to me. One of the biggest changes came from within. I realized that my self confidence, especially my outlook on my body, had improved.


I used to be slim, then I went to high school and ballooned. My body is tricky, as I gain and lose weight equally fast, so my first years in campus saw me slim down again and then puff up again towards the end, only to reach my biggest size after I got employed.

After I had the baby, and managed to slim down to my campus size without much effort, I realized that I did not owe anybody a flat tummy. I am a mother after all. I have carried a whole human being in my belly, how can it be flat? The earth is also round and it has about 7 billion humans living on it.

My self-confidence, I think has come from the very varied states my body has gone through in the past year. Also, having been to a maternity ward and seen what happens there, I think my body is in the best state it can be in!

I do not mean to scare anyone, but once a person has gone through delivery, normal or Caesarean section, the modesty once had goes out the window.

I do not care if you see me breastfeeding, it is the most natural thing in the world. I will have my now bigger boobs out even in public. If this makes you uncomfortable, then I think you are the one that should look elsewhere.


I also noticed a physiological change as well. I used to hear that the only way to get rid of painful menstrual cramps once and for all was by having a baby. I did not believe this, but I am starting to slowly come around to that kind of thinking. I don’t know if it is because one goes through so much pain when delivering that period pains pale in comparison that that agony that it no longer feels like anything?

Anyway, I can only attest to less painful cramps and a lighter flow.

I think the most amazing thing about my mum body is my heightened senses, quick reflexes and somewhat improved agility. I recently had a fall, it was serious enough that I still limp occasionally. I was carrying my daughter at the time.

During the accident, my instincts were geared at protecting my progeny. I fell, landed awkwardly on my ankle, but I made sure that my baby was safe. She did not even get a scratch.

I have found myself doing gymnast quality contortions and acrobatics trying to keep my baby in harm’s way, even when nothing would have happened to her. I can hear her cry from a long distance, and smell a dirty diaper even before it is soiled!

Isn’t motherhood amazing?