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The great heights exam cheats in India scale

By AGENCIES March 19th, 2015 1 min read

A photo showing tens of parents passing on mwakenyas (answer sheets) to their children during an examination in Bihar, India has gone viral.

The picture by, shows many parents giving the prepared answers to a number of young boys who then scale up the wall of a multi-storied building to hand them over to the students.

The picture, which has been shared on social media, has gone viral and attracted thousands of comments.

In an accompanying video, students are shown openly referring to notes as invigilators walk past, often slapping the culprits.


More than 1.4 million students are currently sitting for the Class 10 examination in Bihar, according to

But the fight against cheating appears a lost cause. Bihar’s Education minister P.K. Shahi told that stamping out cheating was impossible if the parents are uncooperative.

“The government cannot stop cheating in exam,” he said. “It is also the responsibility of the society to ensure a cheating-free exam. More than the government, the parents and guardians of students should come forward (to end mass cheating).”

Mr Shahi said the situation in Bihar was so bad that at least four to five people helped every student to cheat. Attempts to stop mass copying have often triggered violent protests.