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The heartbreaking story of poor boy killed during initiation

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 23rd, 2018 1 min read

Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Wahome on Thursday wept while addressing members of the press over the killing of a young boy in Murang’a County.

According to Citizen TV, Ms Wahome who was addressing the media outside parliament, claimed that the death of the boy was as a result of illegal gangs, which according to her, were recruiting initiates.

She said that illegal gangs were operating in Murang’a County and forcefully recruiting young boys.


The MP said that the boy who is a partial orphan was killed just because his mother did not present a chicken that a gang had demanded but instead gave a less acceptable cock.

Some of the deadly gangs she said that exist in the county are Mungiki, 42 brothers, Gaza and Usiku Sacco.

The boy identified as Juliano Kanyonyo, who scored 376 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, was found dead in his room on Sunday by his mother.

A postmortem showed that the 15-year-old boy, who was recovering after being circumcised, was hit with blunt objects on his head. He had also suffered a broken hand.

According to The Standard, the key suspect in the murder is a man who had been selected by the boy’s mother to act as his mentor after initiation.

He, however, fell out with the boy’s mother after she failed to raise Sh2,000 that he had demanded.