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The hidden downsides of the coveted slim thick body type

The good book says you shall know people by their fruit, but for these women, it is highly likely you shall first know them by the size of their slim waist lines and thick assets. For some of them, they have slim-thick bodies while for others, they especially have the thick assets. I’m talking about renowned influencers and socialites including Vera Sidika, Amber Ray, Risper Faith and Corazon Kwamboka among a host of others.

These four women are especially known for always posting social media content regarding their bodies with special focus on their backsides. And for some of them, they also advertise pills and teas on how women can get slim thick figures like they have.

For many women across the world, this slim-thick body is the type of body they desire. Having being influenced by celebs and Instagram, some women will go to extreme measures to have this much coveted body but what they don’t know is that every rose comes with thorns. This body type may look enviable and desirable but Nairobi News brings you the hidden downsides to having this Instagram-worthy body type:

1. Finding well-fitting clothing is a challenge. Pants, skirts, and shorts might require larger sizes to accommodate the assets and this can result in loose or ill-fitting waistlines or legs. This is why you will rarely see women with slim-thick body types constantly shopping for new clothes and always spotting favorites.

2. Having a prominent, Instagram-worthy backside may attract unwanted attention or objectification from others, leading to discomfort or feeling self-conscious in certain social situations. You only have to watch some of the aforementioned women in public or on videos they share when they are club hosting. You will see them surrounded by heavy security as they constantly pull down the short skirts and dresses they wear because they are extremely conscious of themselves and how other people perceive them.

3. Carrying extra weight in the backside can cause physical discomfort, such as lower back pain or strain on the hips and knees, especially if proper posture and support are not maintained. This is also worsened by their constant wearing of high heels to further alter their standing postures.

4. Engaging in physical activities like running or certain exercises may be more challenging due to the size or weight of the assets. It can impact mobility, flexibility, and overall performance in some cases. You only have to remember how socialite Vera Sidika couldn’t fit to pass between two seats in a light aircraft because of her huge, infamous assets and rethink if you really want to have such problems in life.

5. Society’s emphasis on specific body ideals can lead to pressure and self-esteem issues, as individuals may feel compelled to maintain or enhance their assets in order to meet societal expectations. In the case of Risper Faith, she chose to go down the path of altering her waist line to make it appear slimmer but she did not get her desired results. She announced that she intends on undergoing another procedure to get that slim-thick type of body.

6. Women with this type of body endure thigh chaffing. This is because the thighs are always in contact whether sitting, walking or sleeping; and little to no air gets through. This constant contact causes great discomfort and always forces one to wear bikers with all manner of dressing.

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