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The late Jeff Mwathi’s girlfriend gagged by DCI, lawyers

It appears that Faith Kahura Wairimu, the girlfriend of the late Geoffrey Mwathi, will no longer be speaking to the media regarding the suspicious activities surrounding the death of her lover at the apartments where popular Kikuyu vernacular singer DJ Fatxo, born Lawrence Njuguna, lives.

Nairobi News reached out to Ms Wairimu yesterday to obtain further information on the witness testimonies she had been giving to the media regarding the people with whom Jeff was last seen, but she implied she was no longer allowed to speak on the matter.

“Hey, right now I’m not allowed to do any interviews,” Ms Wairimu told Nairobi News in a message.

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Faith Kahura Wairimu.
Faith Kahura Wairimu. PHOTO| COURTESY

Currently, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is investigating the death of Mwathi after being ordered to do so by the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, Kindiki Kithure.

This was after activists stormed social media demanding for #JusticeforJeff after his burial earlier this month, claiming that police had bungled up the investigations. That sinister forces were at work to cover up the truth regarding the 23-year-old interior designer’s death.

Ms Wairimu and the late Mwathi’s mum, Hannah Wacuka, showed up to the DCI headquarters in the company of several lawyers to record statements.

Prior to this, Ms Wairimu had spoken to many media outlets, revealing how the two women who had been in the company of DJ Fatxo and the deceased had called her and gave her conflicting statements regarding Jeff’s whereabouts and the nature of his health considering he was allegedly dead when they reached out to her.

According to Ms Wairimu, one of the two ladies called her asking where Jeff was, saying they had been drinking and partying, but Jeff went missing for some time.

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DJ Fatxo, Mutanu and the Late Jeff Mwathi.
DJ Fatxo, Faith Mutanu and the late Jeff Mwathi. PHOTO| COURTESY

She also told Ms Wairimu that CCTV showed him leaving the apartment without his jacket and shoes but later changed this saying he couldn’t have left the building because he was not biometrically registered to operate the security gate; and could have instead gone to the apartment’s rooftop to try and sober up.

The caller also allegedly told Ms Wairimu that Jeff had been involved in some drama in which it came up that he was the nephew of popular Kikuyu vernacular singer Samidoh.

The caller later told Ms Wairimu that the late Mwathi might have died after committing suicide. Later, DJ Fatxo would also speak to the media, giving conflicting statements regarding the timeline surrounding the death and the following hours.

The musician claimed he had gone to the police as soon as Jeff disappeared to report that he was missing.

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Nairobi News reported that DJ Fatxo’s social media activity in the immediate hours raised eyebrows as he posted photos of himself promoting his music and YouTube page, speaking about kissing a woman and telling men how to earn more money than women among others.

Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo's apartment.
Jeff Mwathi, Redwood Apartments where he met his death in DJ Fatxo’s apartment. PHOTO| COURTESY

In another media interview, Ms Wairimu said she read criminal malice in her boyfriend’s death and hoped justice would be served. She also cursed all those involved in the death.

Ms Wairimu also refused to comment on the emergence of another woman, Iheart Njeri, who claimed to have been the late Jeff Mwathi’s girlfriend too.

Ms Njeri posted social media content showing the two of them being loving and affectionate with each other just as could be seen in videos Ms Wairimu also posted of the late Mwathi.

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