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The love story of Band Beca’s Becky and polish hubby, Bartłomiej Łopat

By Winnie Mabel September 16th, 2023 2 min read

Sometime in 2021, Becky Sangolo, the half of the renowned Band Beca, relocated to Poland with her husband, Bartłomiej Łopata, where she intended to conquer new musical heights in Europe.

But first, they met and fell in love in Kenya.

Mr Lopata, a Polish mining engineer native of Brzeszcze (Oświęcim poviat) had been looking to go on a mineral mines tour to new places after visiting all of Europe and the United States of America. He narrowed down his travel plans to either the Middle East, Japan or Africa. Kenya attracted him in the end.

He told Polish publication, Onet Pejada, that he noticed a beautiful woman in a car and later realized they were staying at the same hotel. To him, it had been love at first sight.

In another interview with Gazeta Krakowska, he said he took the first step and asked the lady out to dinner and she agreed. At that time, he did not know she was a renowned Kenyan musician. They then spent many hours talking and within months, their relationship intensified.

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“We met at the hotel and like on first dates – ‘hello’ and that’s it. I had to leave because I was working in Norway at the time. I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya every two weeks for the so-called rotation. Until the pandemic broke out. It was very hard to be separated for nine months. After the pandemic, I decided to move to Kenya and try to start a life there,” revealed Mr Lopata.

Upon arrival in Kenya, he immediately proposed to Ms Becky. Thus began his journey to understanding Kenyan cultural traditions, especially where marriage is concerned. Becky introduced him to her family and her mother was quoted saying she believed Mr Lopata is a hard-working gentleman who is polite and loving.

Former Band Becca star Becky Sangolo is a fan favourite on the Polish version of The Voice. PHOTO| COURTESY

They then embarked on having a traditional wedding ceremony in July 2021.

According to Krakowska, in the ensuing months, a decision was arrived at for them to relocate to Poland after her husband convinced her to agree.

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Lopata had one of his contacts help create a music band for Becky to thrive in Poland. His friend quickly assembled a band, prepared promotional materials, a band photo session and two concerts for them.

Becky went on to have television interviews and for the first time, they told Polish citizens about their whirlwind love story.

“I stay in touch with my family thanks to the Internet and mobile phone. I have wonderful people around me, I do what I like, because music is international and knows no borders,” Ms Sangolo told the Polish media.

Becky is currently trending in Poland and Kenya following her appearance on The Voice of Poland 14, a music reality show. During the blind auditions, the show’s coaches fought vigorously to have Becky join their teams.

Ultimately, Becky chose to align herself with Team Tomson and Baron. Her performance, a rendition of “Stone Cold,” originally by Demi Lovato, captivated the hearts of both the coaches and the audience.

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