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The Millennial: All men cheat, so why not be with one who has money?

Dating in this day and age is analogous to playing in the hunger games. You’re either smarter than your opponent or you risk getting killed. Who to trust and who to keep at arm’s length? That’s the million dollar question.

I used to be judgmental when it came to women who sell their bodies for money and a chance at a better life, but nowadays, I’m all for ‘girl chase that bag’.

I used to have a sound opinion about wababa but when I look into the reasons young women enable the culture I totally get it.

At a young age, in this case your 20s, much as it’s a hard pill to swallow you’re usually naive. You believe in love so desperately and you’re willing to settle with a man regardless of his struggling financial status. You settle for love even though there isn’t much for you to account for in the relationship or marriage. Then boom, your man ends up cheating on you. He tells you he loves you and it was a mistake but we both know it was no mistake.

Why settle for a lying cheater with no money when there are men willing to spill their money on you for sex?…sex is no object and you were giving it freely to a man who wasn’t giving you anything anyway. So why not charge it? Is it wrong really?

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I have come to acknowledge that it’s an open secret that every man has a side-chic. Either that or they’re out here whoring like no man’s business. Looking at how young women nowadays fall victim to the mubabaz culture is just a pity, but it’s not shocking from my point of view. What happened to principles and values? What happened to respecting marriages? I raised these questions as a matter of concern because it does not make sense where the disconnect happened.

When I talk about mubabaz culture, I mean middle aged men who for some reason are bored with their marriages and have lost interest in their wives. Men who seek excitement. Targeting dumb younger women with more voluptuous and tight bodies to prey on.

The man who drives a very expensive car, nothing short of a million, listens to rhumba music and eats nyama choma at Kamakis every weekend while sipping on some beer, wears a fedora, and has a kitambi which women translate to being stinking rich.

Let me break it to you. If you’re married to a man who is in his late 40 going up, he’s unfaithful and chances are he has been for the longest time. He is a mubaba to a young campus girl somewhere, with whom he goes on vacation after he tells you that he’s going on a business trip, riding roughshod over your take on the matter. Tsk tsk tsk!

Marriages are no longer valued and nobody cares because being a mubaba is now an accepted status label of power. Even wives nolonger have a bite in their bark seeing as it’s pointless. Men will still do what they want to do.

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Apparently nowadays even looks don’t matter to young women, as long as this silver fox has his pockets full. Women are truly after one thing. Money.

In all honesty, most of these mubabaz out here are ugly and have a terrible sense of humor that you have to keep pretending to fancy their dry dad jokes just so as you get your monthly allowance in plenty. Do you think a normal young woman would choose to get laid by a middle aged man who keeps complaining about back pain, over a lad who has got game in the sheets? Hell no! Women are in it for the chumz.

For young women in Nairobi, money is the best incentive. As long as the mubaba is willing to spend generously on her then no woman, I say, no woman would refuse to take up the offer. Doesn’t matter if she’s single, dating or married. With this tough economy, money is a priority.

The world we’re living in right now is just full of struggles, and socialites like Huddah Monroe and Amber Ray just keep showing us how easy life can be if you let loose and let an old man spoil you. At least for a while until you get yourself together.

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All socialites do is sit still and look pretty, and in a blink of an eye, she’s in a bikini sipping on some Pinot noir on a yacht.

With rich married men around who keep offering the soft life in exchange for sex, why should a Nairobi woman refuse? He clearly isn’t happy with what he’s getting in his marriage so why not let them spoil you for your beauty and enthralling figure.

Looking at Amber Ray, among many things she has said in the past, she earlier this year confessed to not being business oriented and that she depends on mubabaz to sponsor her lifestyle, which is pretty flashy and seemingly comfortable. All she needs to do is excite them sexually by sending sexy pictures and videos in skimpy bikinis and clothes, or even just flaunt her body in a lingerie. The more pleased he is, the bigger her bank account gets.

The era of having faithful and loving partners is slowly becoming a myth. Everyone right now has embraced the enjoyment culture and joined in on the ‘life is for the living’ bandwagon, which is just a stupid justification to commending bad behavior. But hey, if you can’t beat them, join them.

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