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The Millennial: How Bien and Chiki have proved that open marriages are a scam

The idea of open marriage remains to be a dialogue among millennials, and the concept is seemingly gaining structure with every passing year.

This particular concept has long existed in society’s periphery, and I for one agree that couples consensually creating mutual arrangements that work for their needs is a good thing. 

However, historically, the subject has been, for lack of a better word, a taboo subject. In recent years, millennials, and now Gen Zs, have seen a shift in society’s attitude towards alternative relationship styles. 

Taking the form of an inverted pyramid on this matter, I’m sure you recall the drama between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith regarding their marriage, and how they both struck a chord with their fans when they showcased their willingness to be candid about their open marriage.

Nonetheless, what caught the attention of many was how hurt and unhappy both parties looked despite their effort to make their marriage work on such uncertain terms. In a bid to convince the world that their open marriage was a happily-ever-after affair, they ended up giving everyone the impression that open marriages just lead to depression and unnecessary frustrations. 

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Now let’s narrow it down to our very own local celebrity couple Bien and Chiki. This beautiful couple is admired by many Kenyan romantics as they have fought off everything thrown at them. 

The couple has never shied away from talking about their marriage and how they make it work considering they are also business partners, with Chiki being Bien’s manager and all. Not too long ago, however, Bien and Chiki revealed that they are potentially in an ‘open marriage’, a revelation that left some of their fans torn and others in awe. 

Ever since Bien opened up about the details of his marriage hinting at it being an open marriage, netizens have been on his neck about his marriage to the media personality with many of the opinion that he allows a lot to slide in his union with Chiki.

The couple’s marriage shortly became a topic of discussion on a wide scope with many of the opinion that they are not being true to each other and that their union is nothing short of a joke if they can just let each other do whatever they please, however, they please. 

Following this conversation, Chiki, who dabbles as a radio personality came out to shut down the rumors that her marriage is an open one claiming that people misunderstood what her husband said about their marriage.

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In an interview with a local publication, Chiki explained what transpired before things about her marriage escalated in online blogs, further disclosing that Bien did not say their marriage was open.

“He never said that, again that was just bad reporting. He said two things. The first was on the family where I went to Ghana and met Idris Elba, so first, you have to understand me and Bien’s sense of humor, he was like you met Idris Elba and you didn’t smash? It was a joke,” said Chiki.

She further explained that when Bien talked about giving her the freedom to do what she wants, he didn’t mean that she is allowed to violate the boundaries of their marriage.

“Then when he was asked on [Over 25 YouTube interview] about marriage what he said is that ‘I don’t feel strong marriages you own your partner’ your partner has the freedom to do whatever it is they want to do,” she said.

Now recently, following the just concluded Pinknic event that took place this past weekend, Bien and Chiki have been making headlines after a video of Chiki pulling a fan away from Bien prior to his performance surfaced. 

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In the video that was taken, Chiki got angry after a female fan walked to where Bien was standing and started dancing suggestively for him. Bien is seen smiling as the lady dances for him until Chiki showed up and pushed her away. Bien then walked away as he left Chiki to deal with the fan.

Many of the couple’s fans could not help but take this as an act of insecurity from the manager’s side as she seemed rather raffled by the act. 

Now I thought in an open marriage one could do as they please, and flirt or dance with whomever they wanted. Why was Chiki angry then? Was it just because she was genuinely trying to keep Bien away from distractions prior to his performance, or was it because her feelings got in the way and she couldn’t stand the sight of another woman grinding on her husband?

Even so, Bien, while speaking in an interview with Ankaliray, defended Chiki, saying she was doing her job keeping him away from distractions. “She acted in her capacity as a manager. Msiangalie hiyo kitu mnaona wife wangu alikuwa pissed,” he said. 

“She was not jealous, she was doing her work. Wacheni afanye kazi yake. Hata fan alikuwa tuu poa kufanya mambo yake, hakuna kitu mbaya alifanya. Tuko kazi, hakuna feelings ni pesa tunachukuwa tukisonga,” said Bien.

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