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The Millennial: It’s not a man who will steal your woman; another woman will

It’s no surprise that women nowadays seek refuge in other women after countless heartbreaks that have seen them give up on the dating game altogether. 

If there’s one thing that many women are coming to embrace in the new age is that men will be men and they are no longer willing to put up with that. In any case, we can agree that Western culture’s influence has had a lot to do with the shift in sexual preferences in women, and even men.

While many young African men and women are coming out to brandish their sexuality and embrace the “natural” shift in their love interest, the dynamics of love and relationships are gradually experiencing a change that the older generations are never willing to budge into. 

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I recently had an encounter with a man who was very bitter about the LGBTQ community that he professed with all his might that he would kill his own child before he could accept them as a member of the queer community.

Although the whole idea about women liking women is seemingly easier to digest than the thought of a man liking another man. In this generation, however, more women are embracing their masculinity and they are not afraid of giving men a run for their money. Or in this case, a run for their woman.

Since time immemorial, all men had to worry about when it came to courting, relationships, and marriages was another man taking away their woman. Men were always a threat to each other, but they were easy to handle. Right now, they are dealing with a different threat that they can hardly fathom.

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Don’t worry about another man stealing your woman; another woman will. Being completely fed up with men, women are now more open to exploring their sexuality than ever, and other women are offering it. Women are loving women, and from what I’ve severally been told, women are better at pleasing other women sexually than men ever could. 

This is a tempting factor for many women because we are living in a world where women and men are now equally capable of providing for themselves financially. So what women are looking for is a person who will satisfy them in ways they could only dream of. Somebody who will give them what money can’t buy. 

If a man isn’t acting right, a woman is willing to take up the mantle. And it’s quite saddening just how this is slowly becoming a reality.

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