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The pain of lost jobs: Kenyans vent out frustration at the government

By Amina Wako October 3rd, 2019 3 min read

A video of a young woman sharing the news of her dismissal from work has left many netizens heartbroken and angry with the government over the unemployment situation in the country.

This even as betting firm SportPesa on Wednesday added more than 400 people to the statistics of unemployed Kenyans.

The company rendered them jobless after it ended its operations in Kenyan due to tax dispute with the government.

The woman, whose video was shared by Vynnie Isaac on October 2, 2019, might be among the 400 former employees of SportPesa but her pain was felt by many more Kenyans.

The woman emotionally poured her sorrows out through a selfie video as she explained how her dismissal from work will affect more people in her life.

“I am a mum, everything is on me this month and I will heavily feel the pinch. I have a nanny who looks after my child. She will also be affected as she will be jobless,” she says in the video.

“I have a friend, a mum and a sister who look up to me. We need a roof over our heads, rent to pay too, and school fees to pay. We need to think as Kenyans and find out what is going on with the government during this hard economic time,” she adds.

The video evoked charged sentiments from other Kenyans who decried the ever-rising insecurity in the job market under the hashtags #SaveMyJob and #ILostMyJob.

“So I went for an interview today n didn’t get the job,I was so mad and deflated at the end I just wanted to go home n crawl into bed! I swear being an honest person sux sometimes, there’s so much I want to do with my life but there ain’t no jobs out there #SaveMyJob #ILostMyJob”, @pauliddiali wrote.

“At our place, 414 staff will be sent home on 31st Oct. The remaining ones will have their salaries/allowances reduced by 30%. The anxiety… #SaveMyJob #ILostMyJob ,” tweeted @tinaokore.

“When Uhuruto came to power 7 years ago. They promised a robust economy able to generate 1 M jobs every year. Today, fresh graduates can’t find employment. Those who are employed are grappling with job losses due to unfavorable business environment #ILostMyJob,” @Asamoh_ said.


“#SaveMyJob The business environment in Kenya is not as rosy as we are made to believe. If anything, the collapse of several companies gives as though thinking on the fate of the employees #ILostMyJob,” @MiregwaThomas noted.

“Is there hope for a high school student whose aim is to pass and go to the university yet he or she is seeing how graduates are suffering out here due to unemployment #ILostMyJob,” @abila_Derik asked.

“Truth be told, we’re crying a foul on #SaveMyJob and #ILostMyJob yet we’re the enemy of ourselves. We make poor decisions during elections and letter cry out because of poor conditions which come about from incompetent leadership,” tweeted @Ibra_MosheQs

“Losing a job is one of the worst ever experience. You have to start all over again, you still have got bills to foot, and worst still, your friends abandon you. To those employed, it might not be your dream job, it might not excite you, but hold it on. #ILostMyJob,” @Kastone_Paul commented.

“Kenya is shutting down. There’s nothing that can be done, except a revolution. Kenyans need to come together and think beyond tribe… we have all seen what matters to leaders, between common wanjiku and campaigns. #ILostMyJob,” tweeted @FatumaMchafu

“#ILostMyJob in a country where the top leadership cares more about 2022 than creating jobs for the youth. I’m responsible because I woke up at 4 to vote #Kieleweke and #TangaTanga,” @AlexIreri1 wrote.