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The People’s Champion February 3, 2014

February 4th, 2014 2 min read

Refund every penny

Dr Evans Kidero should take the advice of former Town Clerk Philip Kisia and overhaul all County Hall departments that have been infiltrated by cartels, urged Sadiki Hussein.

He said that it was only by purging the offices that an improvement in services can be realised.

“Nairobians should not be made slaves to a few men and women intent on fattening themselves from our sweat,” he said congratulating Dr Kidero for taking the initiative to suspend a few officers who oversaw Sh180 million dubious supplies.

That the governor has blacklisted 25 companies that defrauded Nairobians, Hussein said is a step in the right direction. “However, the firms should be forced to refund every penny they took,” he said.


Style up

The display of ineptitude whenever disaster strikes and security agencies start rushing to show that they are in control, said Martha Mureithi, has convinced her that everyone is better off left to their devices.

“The expose’ by NTV titled A Terrorists Playground  is the latest display of the wide-spread incompetence,” she pointed out adding that if security chiefs were serious about their mandate, they would fall on own swords on account of such embarrassment.

But knowing the cloth from which they are cut, she noted they would likely go on with their jobs without flinching. “Can they please style up and do the work they are paid.

Boarding a matatu should not be an adrenaline inducing affair as we pray terrorists don’t strike,” she said.


Logistical nightmare

Loise Wandebwa is not happy about the plan to give Majengo and Hamza estates a Sh85 billion facelift. She says the plan to build modern multi-storey residential and office flats may prove to be a logistical nightmare for thousands of families.

“I am skeptical that such massive movement of people to allow for demolition of existing houses is possible. Where are these open spaces they intend to build the initial 17,000 houses which will be occupied by moving families?” she asks.

Loise says the area was already congested as it was and the only open spaces available were school playgrounds.  She adds: “I will only embrace the project if I see credible proof that someone has thought of my welfare.”


Simple truth

That an eight-man committee was formed to look into ways of decongesting traffic in the city centre is most laughable, said Josephine Otolo.

“We don’t need a team that will most likely earn allowances to tell us that aside from the city’s 20th century overstretched infrastructure, drivers who behave like the world is coming to a sudden calamitous end are the causes of congestion,” she says.

Even a Standard three pupil was aware of the simple truth, Josephine added. Rather than waste money on people who would go around looking for what was in the open, she says Dr Kidero’s administration should have speeded up the drafting of a master plan that would ensure that city transport was brought into the 21st century.