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The People’s Champion March 5, 2014

Way forward

Rachel Wanjiku said she was a very disappointed Safaricom customer. She bought  an Intel Yolo mobile phone at the Nakumatt Galleria outlet.

The joy in having a new phone, she said was short-lived because after using it for a few weeks, it stopped working properly.

Often as she was talking on call, it would automatically hung up and also close her web pages whenever she was surfing, something she said she found infuriating.

The phone was taken to the Yolo repair centre twice since she reported the problem at the outlet, but still, she said the problem persisted.  “Is it possible to get another phone or top up for another one. What is the way forward,” asked Wanjiku.


Serious intercession

Any worshipper who would believe that his preacher can expunge his name from the Book of Life mentioned in the Bible needs serious intercession  prayers, said Nathan Ngingi.

He was responding to a report that a city preacher had made the threat after his followers kept Sh200 from him. Ngingi said he was worried that many false preachers had set camp in the county to take advantage of gullible Nairobians.

“They are busy ensnaring their congregates by spreading the heretic seed gospel that ensures that they bring their last cent to them,” he said. Ngingi noted that the threat by the preacher amounted to extortion, a crime punishable under the laws of Kenya. “Someone needs to stop these leeches,” he said.


Open secret

Columnist Tom Maliti was right to say that Kenyan Somalis in Eastleigh were discriminated against after terrorists strike, said Nancy Lumasa.

They were collectively treated as suspects, she said but pointed out that prescribing a development plan for the area, as Mr Maliti did would not address the underlaying problem.

“The only way to end collective suspicion is for the Kenyan Somali leaders to speak against terrorism,” she said. “It is also an open secret that Eastleigh is the gateway for most of the illegal guns in the hands of county criminals.

Reporting the firearm dealers amongst them would go a long way in lifting suspicion from the whole community,” she said.


Real intentions

Dickson Mwaura was not amused by the attempt by some County Representatives to disband the County Service Board over allegations of incompetence.

That the Reps wanted to put jobs of the Philip Kung’u team up for a County Assembly vote was not a light matter, he said. Mwaura added that he was not convinced that the board, whose only crime appeared to present before the Assembly names of two women who had no roots in the defunct corrupt City Council of Nairobi, was as incompetent as the Reps claimed.

“The county needs workers whose characters are beyond reproach. These allegations stink of political interference,” he said urging them to make clear their real intentions.