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The People’s Champion May 05, 2014

May 5th, 2014 2 min read

Misuse funds. It is becoming clear with every passing day that Governor Evans Kidero is clueless about his job and one has only to see the various committees he has formed to advise him to believe, says Milka Ochieng. She is shocked that for such a simple task as the rehabilitation of Nairobi Dam, a task force has been chosen. This, she says, is after he established another committee on the finalisation of pending bills and audit of procurement processes in November last year.

“Does this ring a bell? Doesn’t it remind you of both retired President Moi and Kibaki’s governments when there was a commission to investigate every trivial thing?” she asks. Ms Ochieng adds that such commissions were avenues to misuse public funds and hopes Dr Kidero is not doing the same.


Matatu madness. Mr James Kariuki says it is more believable that County Reps have been bribed to stop the launch of county buses than their allegation that they want Evans Ondieki, the transport executive gone for under performing. Corruption in the county will never end, he says. Most of the County Reps, he points out, have invested in the matatu industry that steals from travellers.

“To introduce order and fairness in the industry is to kill their extortion cartels that have made them who they are today,” he says adding, “I wish there was a way to overrule these extremely greedy pseudo leaders.” Mr Kariuki adds that he is tired of the current matatu madness and misses the days of Kenya and Nyayo Bus when there was some semblance of order in public transport.


Condemnation. Mr Sylvester Lwanga is not shocked that Nairobians have taken the moral high ground after the release of Sauti Sol’s video to their song Nishike. He does not understand why the video has attracted a lot of condemnation yet its subject is something that even children can relate with.

“Aren’t we the county where having mpango wa kando is viewed as fashionable? Aren’t we the county where children are increasingly having sex before they reach teenage?” he asks. Then, he wonders, why should we react with such righteous indignation to a video that only highlights the level of sexual expression in the society? “What we do in the comfort of our houses with people who are not our husbands or wives is far much gross. Whoever is sinless should cast the first stone,” he says.


Man of the people: Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko has proven to be the man of the people and his leadership style should be emulated, says Beverly Wairimu impressed by the news that he came to the aid of a widow when a gang of youths was sent to her house in Upper Hill to demolish it. Some of the youths were arrested by Mr Sonko and his security team.

“This is exactly how we hope the county’s leadership can take charge of the problems of mwananchi when justice has failed,” she says. Ms Wairimu adds, Kenya will not grow economically when people’s massive investments are destroyed in a single day, with government support. “Even if there are disputes, there ought to be other ways to solve them instead of demolition,” she says.