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The People’s Champion May 12, 2014

May 12th, 2014 2 min read

Full of cowards. Dago Musa said Ngong residents only had themselves to blame for being forced by thugs to move out of their homes after repeated attacks. Mr Musa, a former resident said he had never seen a town full of cowards who don’t cooperate with the police.

“All they do is complain on Facebook and Twitter when the criminals are known to them. Nobody is willing to share information with the police,” he said. When police try to restore sanity, he added, they were often met with complaints from idlers who want to walk around at night. Bar owners were also wont to complain claiming police patrols were hurting their business. Now that it had come full circle, he said the residents should stop acting as though they were not the architects of their own woes.


Disperse idlers. Seeing that these were dangerous times when threats of terror attacks were real, Mr Peter Muma recommended that the police should adopt a more hands on approach to keep ignorant Nairobians safe. He was convinced that the only language that they understood was force. He appealed to county police boss Benson Kibue to order his men and women to use batons and tear gas canisters to disperse idlers who were always quick to rush to blast scenes.

“I foresee a situation where terrorists will set off a minor explosion then the many idlers in town will rush there only to be blown up by the main explosion,” he said. Unapologetically beating them up, he added, may be the only way to save them after ignoring warnings time and again.


Scrap seats. For whoever has will be given more and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them, said Mr John Otieno quoting the Bible in reference to calls to scrap seats bestowed to women because of affirmative action. Mr Otieno said so far women leaders in the county had proven to be out of their depth and breadth with their dismal performance and it was not proper to continue wasting taxpayers’ money on them.

“We have seen what devolution can do and now know which seat is active and important and which is dormant and useless,” he said. The majority of women were not better off than they were a few years ago when such elective seats as Women Representative didn’t exist, added Mr Otieno.


Gone bananas. Grace Maingi said she often wondered whether Nairobi was headed by insane people. She was shocked by media reports that Governor Evans Kidero was in favour of honouring the controversial Sh1.4 billion Anglo-Leasing payment. “How do you pay faceless people unless you have gone bananas?” she asked. Were it any other person, Ms Maingi said she’d have let the remarks slide.

“With such a stand, how are we to trust that Dr Kidero will not dish out our cash to the many companies currently lining up to demand payment for services not delivered or delivered unsatisfactorily?” Ms Maingi asked. She said the governor had hit a new low in supporting an administration that was clearly rotten.

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