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The rise of Kenyan TikTok celebrities

By Amina Wako December 25th, 2020 3 min read

If you feel like TikTok came out of nowhere then you are probably right.

This app was launched back in 2018 and according to statista the app had acquired more than 400 million users by early 2020.

TikTok allows 15-second videos which can be strung together creatively to make viewing of up to 60 seconds possible.

Its popularity has seen its users utilise the platform by creatively lip-syncing to music, dance challenges and even short funny skits.

The user-generated content posted on the social media platform has since given birth to some of the most creative Kenyan individuals who have risen to stardom.

Azziad Nasenya @azz_iad: She mesmerised internet users when she bust into the limelight courtesy of the #utawezanachallenge with her charming smile and killer dance moves. Her online presence grew exponentially after the video went viral and to date she has a total following of 770,200. Her videos have received more than 9.2 million likes, which is by far one of the best in Kenya.

Sheila @justtotallyrandom: Nothing cracks the ribs harder than African Mother reactions and responses. This is probably why Sheila has managed to attract a 311,00 following and 8.8 million likes on her content. She posts funny videos that many will resonate with especially if you were brought up by a typical African Mother.

Laura A Laura @officiallaura: This girl has proven that TikTok can be fun and enjoyable. She generates a variety of content ranging from short funny skits to dance videos and challenges. She has managed to accumulate over 226,000 followers, and her content has 5.3 million likes.

Sukenya @naughty_by_nature11: Sukenya has gained and kept her fans’ love through her diverse creative videos on TikTok. Her consistency has led her to accumulate more than 365,000 followers with her videos gathering 4.2 million likes.

Cindy @Cindyk003: This talented star clearly knows her way around busting a move. Her most prominent content is those of her dancing videos. Cindy has more than 200,000 followers on TikTok and her uploads have 3.8 million likes.

Ruthie @_rexxie If you are having a bad hair day or you feel like your natural hair is not reciprocating the kind of love that you give to it, maybe it’s time to check out Ruthie’s TikTok page. She is popularly known for interesting natural hair styling techniques in her videos. Her creative approach has had her gain 265,000 followers and a total of 3.2 million likes.

Daisy Oyuga @dzireo: Daisy has a following of 158,000 with 1.9 million likes on her videos. This is probably attributed to her creatively executed content. Daisy is an actress and her skills and prowess reflect on the hilarious videos that she constantly posts on her TikTok account.

Mark @Markmwas If you have gone through the Kenyan 8-4-4 education system then you will greatly appreciate the type of content that Mark creates to his 116,000 followers. He has creatively managed to take us through memory lane at some of the most common encounters that we had in high school and made them comical. The 3 million likes on his videos can attest to the great work that he is doing.

Idu Ismail @iduissak Lip synching is fun on Tiktok but even funnier when it is accompanied by hilarious acts. Idi Ismail has mastered this art and the audience loves him for that. He has a following of 213,000 and a total of 2.5 million video likes. If you need a good laugh, you know where to click.

Erastus Ayieko @Flaqoraz When you are having a bad day, I suggest you click on Flaqo’s TikTok page. He manages to leave his audience in stitches with his funny African jokes on the typical African parent. His following currently stands at 257,000 with 2.2 million likes on his videos.

It is inevitable to say that TikTok has inspired a new generation of content creators who have revolutionised the social media world. The app is easy and fun to use and once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy making creative entertaining videos. If you also need to unwind and love to see memes come to action, you know which platform to open.